Why “Xeper”??… Why not “Alice”, for instance?

It has taken a long time to come up with the name Xeper.

Many contesting names were considered for months to come up with it.

“But why is that so?” Someone may ask. “A name is a very serious thing,” I would reply. “Alice, with a name such as yours,” Humpty Dumpty told her, “you could have any form.. almost..”. And I guess this pretty much sums up why this weblog is not named “Alice”; for it wouldn’t tell you what it looks like, what it is about..

Yet it is also not named “Between Prophets and Profiteers”.. while I wish it to talk about our trap between spirituality and materialism. And yet BPP supposes not only the trap, but a choice among them. It presupposes an either/or mentality. You are trapped between Spirituality and Materialism as two extremes, and our choice is to choose to move towards one away from the other. Towards one, and away from the other. Supposing there are two extremes, old wisdom has it that the seeker of goodness would choose a middle path. And yet this is only if you are stuck between two extremes, hence we have You, Extreme Spirituality, and Extreme Materialism. My problem with that approach is at least two-fold:

First, it is linear. Here I use the term Linear as opposed to Multi-Dimensional. For as you ask me whether I choose right or left, I am compelled to wonder, aren’t there other options? Why not choose “up”??

Second, the model is very static. Would the extremes change in a while based on my actions? in this model I dont think so; for it presupposes three well-known entities that do not change nor interchange positions. This may befit a ball game where the playing field limits are predefined, and the ball is not expected to disintegrate nor multiply during the course of the game, which are plausible assumptions for a game of football, but not for my life dilemma. Prophets and Spiritualism are glorified in some places at some times, they are vilified at others, and all the time they have changing definitions and value around the globe and during the life of a single person. So are Profiteers and Materialism. Why don’t I also change, allow myself to be glorified at times, vilified at others, and change of definition and value to others?

One thing I am sure of, most if not all the cells that make up my body are different now from the time I was born. I am larger, filling in the gap between Prophets and Profiteers a bit. The distance to both extremes is becoming shorter in the same time, so the call became easier, yet the balance more precarious. Something else I am sure of; there are many things I could not do when the game started that I can do now.. another difference from football. For football matches presuppose two sides of static ability at least during the match and they supposedly meet to determine whose ability is higher. In our Prophet-Profiteer seesaw, we develop our abilities and grow physically and otherwise through the course of the game.

“Right or Left?” Someone insists on knowing.. “UP!” is my answer.

Hence Xeper.

X here is the Greek letter still found in Coptic with the same symbol. In Arabic and Modern Egyptian it is the letter commonly symbolized as KH (as in Ekhwaat – Brothers/Sisters), and more recently as 7′ or 5.

Xeper is how back home we say “Becoming”.. or “Developing”.. or “Multiplying”.. (actually we probably called it Xapara but let’s keep that for another talk). Xeper is “Growing”.. “(Ful)Filling one’s potential”.. It is a verb. It is a process. An Effort. A Dedication.

Xeper is the etymological root of Xepri (aka Khepera, Kheper, Chepri, Khepra); the spirit embodied best symbolized by the Scarab or Dung Beetle. The Scarab is a laborious animal. And humble. It goes around collecting dung; the most base of matters, and shapes it into a Circle, even a Sphere the most perfect of shapes. If I was a Scarab, I would stop complaining about the baseness of my worldly experiences but shape them into perfection. Nothing explains Becoming better than this. Moreover, not only would I focus on a shape, but also understand that in whatever is rejected there still is potential. And I could use this potential from refused ideas and efforts and people to continue, to have a new fresh start, a new Me can be born from the fusion of all those rejections and my pure essence, like the Scarab lays its eggs into dung and dead bodies, thus starting a new life from death, starting a new cycle from the end of an old one. Eternal re-creation. And each time I would try to start better, thus by re-creation I would reject the inadequate old Me and reshape its potential into a perfect shape. Spherical like celestial bodies. I would eventually become a Celestial body from the elements of my current life that I reject. I would eventually Become.

Hence Xeper.


For the perfect shape.

Not almost any shape.

Not Alice.



  1. A strong potential of literary work. An excellent capacity for synthesis. And one can feel how much inspired the author was.

  2. Everyone “becomes”.
    Not everyone knows that he is becoming.
    Those who know that they are becoming are the would be kheperu
    And after doing a definite effort in that direction, they finally become “becoming”, i.e. Kheper.

    At the depth of matter, beyond matter, you may find God,
    At the depth of the spirit, beyond the spirit, you may find God.
    Once you find him, you will discover that every thing about him are fake concepts, because the True It, it is beyond.

    So, is not a fight or a choice between this and that, “goodness” and “evilness”, matter and spirit (I mean, the vulgar meaning of these concepts) but to “become” you, and then finding in yourself THAT that is beyond.

    Good Luck, and my congratulations,


  3. Hey ya,

    Nice entry. Especially towards the end. Saved the best bit for the last πŸ˜‰


  4. Marouan, thank you for the encouragement πŸ™‚
    I hope I can realize this potential. Just keep giving me feedback.

    Juan, it was wonderful to find your comment, and yes, the Impersonal lies beyond. Looking forward for your return.

    Chitra, thank you for the note, I reorganized the post and hope you like it better now.

  5. Oh… what a revelation ya xeper… All this depth and wisdom is around in such a low profile.. next door!! I missed much not seeing this blog earlier……… Dear, I’m sure if we can go for an interview with God to ask him about His reasons for happiness, your depth and modesty together (up), would be among the top ten. Beggad you’re blessed and are a blessing. Enjoy your Being πŸ™‚

  6. Samah, you’re so kind and wonderful as usual.. having you around is definitely a divine blessing for all, though we cannot say it enough..

  7. […] Why “Xeper”??… Why not “Alice”, for instance? […]

  8. Hey Xeper,

    Finally saying hi and thank you for the great posts you’ve written on your blog. I read them all a couple of days ago and was very impressed. You have a wonderful talent. I hope if I continue reading I will find guidance for my own “becoming”.

    I really liked the Price of a Voice “series” among others and I noted a few I would like to come back and comment on, even if just to highlight how much it was enjoyed. It might be you who has to nudge me off your blog πŸ™‚

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