Posted by: xeper | February 18, 2009

The Book of Joy

You might not realize it from the name, but it’s a weapon.

The Book of Joy.

“A book filled with pictures and fairytales. It’s very seductive to the weak-minded.” At least that’s what its formal description says. I found it in an expedition in a weird land ravaged by war called Elveron, where, among other peculiarities, weapons are clearly labeled as such. I didn’t add it to the inventory. It must have been Hotep. I was going to throw it away, it being clearly labeled as just a “common weapon” capable only of relatively little damage, and thus seemingly of no use in our expedition that day. Rare weapons with high damage potential are more important to carry in our limited inventory.

He noticed as I attempted to throw it away to free the inventory, but he held my arm before I threw, signalling that whe wanted to keep it for a while, unashamed of being such a respectable elderly man wanting to keep a book that was, as its own label clearly indicates, “filled with pictures seductive specifically to the weak-minded”. But a man like Hotep earned himself the prerogative (is that the word?) of enjoying some eccentricities. The little price I pay for having a wise man on my side in turbulent times, I suppose.

A little bit later, he spoke to me: “It’s a weapon. I always knew it but never put it in that term before. A weapon. Against the weak-minded!”  He He told me, sounding shocked and bewildered, as if experiencing a rare revelation. From my part, I just thought it wasn’t that big of a deal, just an ineffective tool, and I wanted to get rid of it to make more room for more useful things.

“You don’t seem to understand its genius importance,” he said. “No, I don’t,” I replied, inviting him to talk it out, half-hoping that if he shared his amazement he’d be more willing to let me sell it or throw it away instead of carrying it around. I was convinced it was useless to me in this expedition. It was common, after all, and chances are we would find another one like it anyway. He showed me the label:


Name: Book of Joy
Type: Weapon
Low Damage: 1
High Damage: 4
Rarity: Common
Level Requirement: 2
Value: 2000 Gold
Description: A book filled with pictures and fairytales. It’s very seductive to the weak-minded.


“You see, Xeper, in Elveron, one has to attack you with a weapon to harm you, so the Book of Joy will only hurt you 1 to 4 damage points in every attack. But in Mundane Life, the Books of Joy are around us everywhere, and we hurt our own selves by using them. But the problem is we use them excessively, and are joyful, but hurtful joy. And because we see no one attacking us, we do them again and again and again. And the common ineffective weapon becomes lethal, since you apply it many many many many times, slowly destroying yourself, without even knowing it.”

I did not see the such of this book in our life away from Elveron. I am not sure if he sensed it and was replying or was simply continuing his original train of thoughts when he siad.. “television wasting your time with self-advertising, celebrity magazines and sports news and political discussions away from policy makers, every talk with nothing new nor Real nor even real that you can use except in showing off in front of others.. Books of Joy.. hurting you 1 to 4 damage points (in the head!) EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU USE IT!!!

“All excessive entertainment, all empty entertainment, all useless knowledge, all headache-inducing entertainment, all hyper-fast advertising, all fragmented sequences in action movies and music videos, all subliminal messages.. I have a headache just thinking about them..

“Books of Joy..”

He sighed.

“Sweet weapons,” I replied. I was starting to see it. Something was being squeezed inside me. It didn’t feel right, anyway. Denial?

Denial? Is that your taste?

I felt bad.. half of my precious collections on my external hard disk was useless, giving me joy just keeping it.. IF ever I needed it.. or bumped into it by mistake.. burden.. and I never use them to say the truth.. Wisdom doesn’t feel good, it seems.. not always, at least.. Are you an acquired taste, after all, dear Wisdom?.. Or did I just experience a Wisdom overdose?..


I was still fighting my dizziness and nausea.. hearing Hotep mocking me.. his voice unclear as if coming from afar.. “my precious collection?? Why not say my preeeeeciouuuuuus!”.. then he tossed it away.. got rid of it.. the time waster, useless entertainment that leaves you needing more rest than when you first used it.. the Book of Joy.. just one of many..





  1. So that’s what’s been keeping you busy??

    Very nice one sir!

  2. This and other things.. the other ones mostly mundane though.. fight for survival..

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