Posted by: xeper | February 21, 2009

Notre Dame De Paris 2 – Illegal Migrants

I continue with you to the nostalgic second part of the story, which sets the stage for one of the main conflicts of the story; the conflict between the established order and the forces of change.

Song 2: Les Sans Papiers – Illegal Migrants

“Les Sans Papiers”  literally means Those Without Papers. The migrants outside the walls of the Cathedral are screaming for asylum, calling Our Lady for refuge. Again the interplay between the story and today’s issues when the refugees describe themselves not only as Sans Papiers, but also Sans Domiciles (Homeless). They cry out of Our Lady to take them inside the walls, and the many-layered significance of the title surface again, Our Lady the Virgin in the hearts, Our Lady the Cathedral carrying the name, or, Our Lady of Paris, standing for Paris itself.. civilization and security.. But why would the Lady not take them in? you need not ask, for the refugees themselves give a horrible promise in exchange of hospitality.. they will be more and more and more.. millions of refugees will come and fill in the city, with their different looks, ragged clothes, and poverty..

Nostalgic I tell you this chapter is.. and doubly so to me, for I spent my childhood in France, and I am nostalgic for the beauty of the civilized world.. fake as that beauty and civilization may have been, for they were built in large part on egoism and neglect of the issues of poverty, war, and other ills that should not have went unconsidered.. yet I am nostalgic for it still is threatened beauty, and the fall of any image of civilization remind me of the fall of my own..

And I am also nostalgic for how we from the South came to be seen in the North.. as the poor and uneducated.. as the destroyers of civilization, though we invented the concept.. but this will drag me into discussing our Southern problems of corruption and ignorance and laziness and and and.. but let’s focus on that beautiful tale for now.. May Our Lady have mercy on us and take us to her refuge..

I am tired now and need to rest.. I will continue the story with you later..



  1. I actually enjoyed that! Thank you! I love the theatre…

    I was just today speaking to a colleague about migrants and integration. We were comparing the UK and Canada. My experience with many migrants is lack of integration and I believe this is encouraged by the UK… respecting the right of each group to maintain their culture. They’re now suffering for it. Too much “PCness”.

    In my opinion, integration is a must in order to maintain the “established order”. Lack of it, results in tension, segregation, isolation, resentment and ultimately “trouble in paradise”.

    I don’t believe you have to lose your culture by integrating, but you can adapt yourself and try to introduce, one by one, the positives of your culture and you’ll at least be seen as less of a threat. Imagine 1000’s descending on your homeland enmasse, bringing their “strange” habits and customs, unwilling to accept your way of life and likely having a negative effect on the balance of your own culture…

    Take that down a level and consider the house guest… the dreaded one and the welcomed one. For sure the former is one who adds to your home, brings gifts, light, laughter and good times, whereas for the latter you count the days until they leave and then feel like you’ve been hit by a hurricane.

    I say “Our Lady” is right not to take them in 😀

    I got the former and latter the wrong way round! Hehe. It should be the welcomed one – latter, brings joy to your home… not the dreaded one!

    I need to sleep too….

  2. This is a very intriguing issue. I think that we have to distiguish between two contexts: A new nation that forms out of the unification of many minor nations must not impose the culture of a dominating group on other groups that form the Union. Integration in this context is meaningless, even harmful. The culture of the new nation must emerge out of the interaction between the minor nations.

    In the second context, that you present here, a group of migrants join an already existing nation to gain the benefits of belonging to this receiving nation. In this case, INTEGRATION is a must. You leave a country and join another simply because you reject the conditions that makes the exporting country repulsive. Culture is one of the main sources of these repulsive conditions. It is a package, either we accept a host country, including its culture, or we reject the host culture and, in this case, we stay home either to be ourselves or to change our conditions from within not from without.

    Good subject to discuss. It was very pleasing to read your embeded questions and be exposed to your elegant presentation and the use of multimedia and art as a background to your stage.

    Wait for the rest of your line of thought!

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject.. I wondered how you would like the post.. 🙂

    You confused me with latter and former but I got it 🙂 I also copied your second comment here so it’s all one package 🙂

    God bless you..

  4. Thank you for sharing your precious thoughts and for your kind and encouraging words 🙂
    I hope to return to writing soon 🙂

  5. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
    great man

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