I don’t know if any bloggers do this, if not, then let’s call it the Xeper tradition or something:

I thought it would be beneficial to share with you the topics I intend to write. This way I organize my thoughts in a (slightly) presentable way, and you can know what I am thinking of, so you may comment or suggest a line of posts I did not consider yet, or boost the priority of something I was going to postpone, etc. Please note that this page should change as more topics are written and as more ideas arise. So link at your own peril ๐Ÿ™‚

Ask Ahmose:

  • What Religion do animals follow, if any? (requested by Krys)
  • How to write a CV? (requested by Bedaya group and Ghada Fayek, will probably go to the other blog, possibly as a series/”course”.. should have a name for those.. Capacity Building Series or something.. what do you think?)
  • How do you know you are happy? (requested by Sally)
  • Why do bad things happen to good people? (asked by many people, actually, and now I got an answer.. but Mary’s book review first)
  • Why is teaching young people easier than teaching old people? (Is it) because old people hear only what they want to hear? (suggested by myself after a friend’s status message on facebook)
  • “Negative Confession”. (anonymous search query; I have an update on the translation, and a higher meaning shared by Juan Martin)
  • (Tell me about) Ancient Egyptian Heritage. (anonymous search query, I think I should talk about three things: Heritage to Egypt, Heritage to the World, (Cultural) Traces Surviving Today in language practices “chemistry” etc in Egypt and Worlwide)
  • (Tell me about) Maat. (anonymous search query, I might talk about Justice as Harmony (Nature vs Might etc), Dao, and maybe other points)
  • (Do) animals have the concept of beauty(?) (anonymous search query)
  • (Tell me about) Egypt (and) Polytheism. (anonymous search query)
  • (I am looking for) Egypt posters. (anonymous search query, I can refer to interesting Egyptian photography that I think could serve posters, both by Egyptian and other photographers)
  • (I’m researching) heritage clothes of Egypt. (anonymous search query, maybe I should that too myself, thanks for the tip)
  • Never think that a handful of people can (not change the world, in fact, it’s the only thing that has ever happened.. yes.. maybe I should prepare some “Quotes” posts to share, with links to other quotes and the authors etc.. 5 or 7 a page? I want to share many quotes.. Mabrouk’s one of crazy dreamers, especially.. maybe I should put them on “posters” or photography? Apology to my readers, but I didn’t say my agenda was too coherent.. *smile*)
  • I would be very interested to see you write about moral codes which have been passed from one age to another under the guise of religious and/or social edicts and if we are being taught these as new standards of behaviour or if they are more of a reminder. Nature/Nurture. (for Zakhak)
  • What do Modern Egyptians believe in? (anon)


  • Gibran, starting by The Prophet [got to page 5]
  • Quranic Readings
  • Lewis Carroll
  • I Ching
  • 6aha 7seen
  • Calaa7 Jahiin
  • The Bhagavad Gita
  • Thus Spoke Zarathustra
  • Le Petit Prince
  • Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales
  • Nadiim Essayyaar’s works (should specify more here)
  • The articles on Serafis, particularly those of Juan Martin
  • Aesop’s fables
  • Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales
  • “Gods” and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.. not the book but in the order of the book
  • My whole library, starting with World Literature (the book)

Values, Concepts & Biographies:

  • Dali
  • Mohamed, the Prophet (Peace on him)
  • MoAmen
  • The Higher Man, from the Maa Xeru of Ancient Egypt, to the Ubermenschen of Nietzsche and the American Superman
  • Hypatia
  • Axenaten (Akhenaten)
  • Sun Tzu (action aspects in the other site)
  • Drucker (action aspects on the other site)
  • Creation IS Evolution?? – We’re still being created vs. We re already dead.. in Hell, in A3raaf..
  • Ra7maan vs Allaah vs Ra7iim.. Brahmaan vs Brahma..
  • Limited free-will? among options?
  • Impossibility of movement (Zeno) – re-creation (Quantum physics)
  • the rest of Zenos paradoxes
  • Dalida’s songs
  • Aznavour’s
  • Piaf’s
  • Caren Armstrong, starting with Mohamed
  • Basics of economics – inflation, work, etc
  • Edward de Bono
  • The world is NOT what we think it is: strange creatures (deep undersea as well as elsewhere), historical facts (chinese expeditions, meri reis maps, ancient scientific achievements), etc


  • The Glass Room
  • The Crystal Palace
  • You are the one still carrying her
  • Other Zen stories
  • We are re-created every moment
  • Divine Solitaire, or The Inverse Heredity Theory..
  • Work on these, one by one [currently at: first one]

Language, Etymology & Elisanda (Contemporary Egyptian Language):

  • No specific plan

Ancient History & Metaphysics:

Technical (only one post per month):

  • Computing questions
  • Why I recommend wordpress (put morriss’post on statistics)
  • Specific software Flookey, Opera, Open Office, etc.. Philosophy of computing software and methodology..
  • Free software, good even better than pay..
  • Portable

Admin Tasks (not posts but self-reminders and example to those who want to know how one writer manages his blog, link to or to if you liked or used any of these examples):

Specific Posts:

True History:

Impossible is nothing: (different posts as well as site in general)


  • Etymological Dictionary of Modern Egyptian Language..
  • How they said it: One quote or interesting word in any language, etc..
  • Alberrao..
  • Readings: personal thoughts while reading..
  • Commenting on and linking to other blogs, reviewing books, mini-biographies, etc..

The topics above are not all-inclusive and are not guaranteed to appear at all, but they’re my planned articles. Feel free to comment on them and to suggest other ones or another order. This guarantees nothing but being taken into consideration.


You are always welcome to Ask Ahmose more questions in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. Why not try to contact Dr. Mervat Abdel-Nasser, Author of the book: “Why had Horus lost his eye?” ?
    Her website ( might be useful in answering your questions on Egyptology and she’s a great person to ask. The website also has names of several contact persons that might also help. Her email is:

  2. Thank you Sam. But I am not sure if I agree with Dr. Mervat on most points.

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