Posted by: xeper | February 17, 2009

Two Questions for the Journey

Ancient Egyptians believed that

Upon death

They would be asked

Two questions

And their answers would determine

Whether they could continue their journey in the afterlife.


The first question was,

“Did you bring joy?”


The second was,

“Did you find joy?”



~ Quote by Leo Buscaglia ~



  1. That’s very interesting! and I think It’s the opposite of what ppl around me believe in! They think that we should accept the fate which is full of suffering! We should suffer in life to win a good afterlife!!! :S

  2. Indeed. Please tell me if you write something about this.
    I added another post with a complementing perspective, though, that empty kinds of joy are as dangerous life wasters as joylessness, which is what I think made our society (especially the more conventional population) afraid from joy, with comments Allaahomma g3alu xeer and all.. I guess I should discuss this soon.. maybe the Xeper community can share their thoughts too..
    [Note to self: “Joy as An Enemy” on the modern Egyptian views on Joy, then “Joyful Harmony” on how to find Maat-ful balance, should be the two posts on Joy after “the Book of Joy”..]

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