Posted by: xeper | February 10, 2009

Of Vision and defeat -1- On the Reason behind the physical world

Today I’d like to share with you the vision I had of myself for the future, and what I did to achieve it.

I would also like to acknowledge my defeat in achieving it, temporary as I hope it is. As we hope it is, for we are many, as many of you know and understand.

Perfect Man

Perfect Nation

Justice to Kemet

That was my vision. My personal vision.

I am tired. I will continue later.


“Later” is now, and I am glad it is here, so I may talk to you again. We talked about Vision, and now is time to talk about defeat, I guess. But allow me to wonder first a bit about Time. For moments of defeat, and especially moments of acknowledging defeats, are among the best moments of contemplation. We might talk later about how the development of identity and learning are both strongly linked to moments of defeat and moments of triumph, and moments of realization of either.

I wanted to contemplate Time. Time is such a wonder. For you, this post started maybe 10 minutes ago. For me, it started yesterday in my mind, then earlier today in writing. And even the word “ago” which we shared earlier this paragraph, though very true, carries two quite different meanings to you than to me. Consider “now”. For me it is the 10th of February 2009 of the common era, 8:53 p.m. by Cairo time (GMT+2), Egypt. For you I daresay it will be quite another time, so even when I tell you that you probably started reading this post 10 minutes ago, it would be “ago” compared to your “now”. But in fact, for me, by “ago” I mean a time in the future.

Is it so big a deal? In a society that makes such a fuss about “my left or your left”, I imagine we should be making more of a fuss over “my now or your now”, that’s all. For me, it never seized to amaze me. I think this issue carries an important key to wisdom. I cannot figure it out totally, but it is about the fact that we live in totally different realities. And the fact that we don’t seem to be stopping for a moment to consider the implications of such an important notion.

“No man is an island”, they say. “What are we if not islands”, I say. And our communication is not much more reliable than messages in bottles. Some reach the other islands, some do not. And when they reach, you have nearly no way of knowing how they understood it, for you are not sure what language they speak. Surely, they speak a close enough language to the one you use, as evidenced by the favorable reactions you observe from them. But it is not the same language, as evidenced by misunderstandings that happen. And aren’t misunderstandings often strong, then wouldn’t you also say that the differences are important enough to consider?

Time. The messages you send do not even reach the other island in the same time you sent it. This means there is no way to know for sure whether you still want and mean what you said when you said it. Let me give an example, you just received a message from the island upstream saying it has an excess of  10 tons of dates or coconuts which they would send you if you wanted them. You have no way of knowing for sure what is happening “now” on the other island. Are they still willing to send the excess? Is the excess still there in the first place? Are they still there and did not drown by “now”. There is only one thing you know for sure. If they still exist (if, indeed, they ever existed, but that’s the subject of another talk.) then they are pretty surely upstream. Everything else is unsure. You don’t know if the message means in their language what it means in yours, you are not sure if they are truthful or trustworthy, you don’t know whether they are still there or the message is still truthful in this “now” even if it was truthful in the time of its writing, you know nothing! Except the physical.

The physical is the basis of communication. Upon it, you can then test whether the other island’s “10” is your “10”, whether their “coconut” means the same as your “coconut”, and so on.

And this is why I think the physical world was created. For us to be able to communicate.

For we are essentially spiritual beings. Nothing physical is of real importance to us execpt to support the physical body, which is a circular logic (the physical is important because it supports the physical) which can simply be resolved by eliminating it; if we die, then we won’t need our bodies, so we will not need to sustain them, so the sooner we die the better. But in Reality we would not be able to Really function if we died or otherwise got rid of the physical. And the one thing for which we really need the physical is to communicate with each other, even if it was such an imperfect setting with lots of gaps.

I believe we were once in a higher plane. And we committed (what Christian Thought refers to today as) an original sin. We lived in some form. All of us. And we had to communicate and interact because of it. Hence a common denominator was needed, and the Physical plane was created, where we can communicate. Before the Physical, we all lived unaware of each other’s presence except as we might now be aware of warmth or light fog at most, vague awareness of coexistence but nothing more. And communication needed a setting. Physical plane.

And still the problem shows until today, as we turn our awareness from the higher planes of our consciousness to the lower planes of our thoughts, then to the even lower plane of our meanings, just to be lowered even further as messages in the bottles of words to be thrown into the rivers of sound or print or gesture, just to try to communicate.

Another time we may talk of what was that sin we did, which I think we still are doing, or why are we still in the physical bodies.. But now I have talked for long while you listened patiently and your face silently showed you had a few points to make yourself, so if you can still spare me some of your time, I’d like to know what you thought of what I shared with you so far..


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