Posted by: xeper | February 4, 2009

Of Land, Talking Land, and People – A typology of life on Earth

“You shouldn’t have spent all that time with them, you know”, Hotep reproached me. We dont have too much time for their kind.

I was not convinced. I even doubted him for a second. My dear mentor. I wouldn’t have lasted a day with the good mentor of Mousa, I suppose. I thought it was part of my journey of Becoming to share what I know with others, and I told him so. “Others what”, he exclaimed. “Other people, humans who have the right to be shown the way and to choose,” I said, as patiently as if he was going astray and I was his mentor. Wisdom is sometimes cruel, one second she seems to speak from your lips to your mentor, and the next she mocks you from those of your mentor. Or is it the Mind, faking Wisdom, that ridicules us when we submit to its tricks?

“Other people, you say, and bla bla bla.” He looked at me in amusement. Sometimes I wonder whether he allows me his dear company more for Wisdom or for Amusement at my naivity. “You understood nothing of what I told you the other day, did you?” I must have looked confused, for he continued without waiting for me to offer myself to more ridicule by asking what he is talking about; “When we spoke of why I talk to you, ‘difference’, and the Price of Difference, remember?” I remembered. And I still am Different, I thought. I help others, at least I try to, from time to time, while most people dont. “You seem to remember, but you did not understand, it seems.”

“My dear,” he continued, “remember when I told you you were different? Difference means you are not like those. You just spent a couple of hours telling those so-called people about all what you believed was True and Right about the topic of their discussion. And did they understand? Were they ready to listen to you even?” I thought they listened. They replied to a couple of points I made, too, didn’t they? And I daresay if I did not plant the seed of my ideas in them by spending those two hours or so with them, how would I expect it to grow in them? I thought so, and other thoughts on the same line, and told Hotep so.

“But those bipedals are not yet people, dear”, he said, shocking me in a smooth tone that wasnt supposed to deliver such messages. “They are still land,” he then added, as if this explained everything. A couple of seconds passed, probably with his eyes on my bewildered face.

I’m not sure what I was thinking, if anything, when he took a few mental steps back to tell me “You know there is lower life planes and higher life planes. All life you see on earth except one is lower life.” I realized I was again able to make sense of what I hear, and was relieved. As I opened my mouth to ask him about this one exception, he cut me continuing “So look around you; as far as your eyes can see, it is lower life. And life has many shapes and degrees, many of which we do not understand or realize. Some tell you the lowest form of life is plants, then fish, then other animals, then people, based on their ability to move. But you are not talking to them, are you; and your eager eyes are not following their words as they form, but mine, so I have to tell you that the ability to move is not what impresses an old man like me. Not like the ability to change, anyway. I think the lowest life form is that which cannot decide on its movement or change. Matter. No, matter is not unalive. Matter is alive. Just that we do not understand its life does not mean it is not alive, just like just because plants and animals do not use English does not mean they do not communicate, and just as so-called primitive tribes have their culture, whether or not we understand and appreciate it. Matter is alive, dear. And one day you will understand it. Just remember it for now; Matter is life, a form of life, anyway. And earth is alive. The Gaia hypothesis, yes. But more than that, every ‘thing’ is alive. Some better than others, of course, natural things aremuch better alive than artificial ones, for instance. But maybe we will remember to talk about it more later. Just remember that the Land is alive. And as such, you can consider its parts alive as well. Just as hurting your hand would be hurting the life in you, so does hurting a rock hurt the life in the Land. And when we talk about Land we should note everything; rocks, mountains, clouds, rivers, plants and fish, birds and animals, and everything natural. They act in quite predictable patterns, and this is because they are a lower form of life than we are. This is why we can predict their behavior, and laws of physics and ecology can be studied quite accurately. This is why we did not advance in ethics much more than the Ancients did; ethics deal with Values, and those are on the higher life planes, so we cannot reach conclusive studies about them. Anyway, so those lower life forms from matter to animals are Land.

“But Land has a special category in it that looks like us. Those are pre-People. They look like us and talk to us, etc. but are not People in the way you and I are. You can study them easily, and they can be quite predictable, which means you can manage them and subordinate them. They are lower forms than we are. The ‘people’ you wasted your time with are such beings. They only have the motive of power and dominance. For them you are only a potential subordinate. They cannot even imagine learning from you, so you wasted your time. They still do not have a purpose in the higher planes of life. All their understanding, and thus purpose, lies in the lower planes. This is why they are Land. Did you see the Lizard-Heads? Ok, I will show them to you once. They might help you see better.

“Anyway, the Talking Land can become People after some intervention from the higher planes of life. When they are thus ready you can communicate with them. Until then, the seeds you sow get poisoned by their ignorant souls. Don’t you respect the Quran? It describes the higher People saying that if the ignorant talked to them they talk back peacefully. Not informingly, mind you, but peacefully, presumably because of this. The Talking Land is not ready to listen about the higher planes; they are still not ready. And it is not yet our job to guide them there. But guide them in the lower planes if you wish, maybe that would help them. Then there are us, dear. People. Yet to be perfected creatures. Old enough to have lived as Land, lowered into Talking Land, then having the higher planes reveal themselves to us, not totally, but enough for us to know beyond doubt that there is something more to life, Life, Higher Life. True Life. And from time to time we are lucky to be Real People, focused for a minute, or an hour, or a day, or more or less, on seeking the higher planes of Life.

“I doubt any one of us is Real for a long period, or permanently. For why would such a person remain Human? Keep a human form, maybe, but they wont remain Human. But let me not lose focus. Did you understand why they did not listen?”

“Yes,” I replied curtly, still digesting what I have just heard.




  1. This post made me cry! I got horrified from the question: who am I? “land, pre-people, or a real human!! ..

    Thank you.

  2. We’re all three. The question is how much from each. And which is growing more. Which one we feed more.
    And I know you are working on Becoming more a Real human. Always meditate on how you can Become what you want to Become.

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