Posted by: xeper | October 22, 2008

Modern Egyptian Word Etymology – Clothes Items

The words below are used every day in today’s Standard Modern Egyptian describing clothes items. This is a work in progress. Please do not hesitate to suggest more words, and feel free to correct the definitions and/or etymologies below:

AMIIC – shirt, from Arabic QAMIIC

BAN6ALOON – pants, from French PANTALON

BARUUKA – wig, from French PERUQUE (what is Italian?)

BAVETTA – chest cover for babies, from French BAVETTE (or Italian?)

BLOOVAR – pull over, from English

BLUUZA – blouse, from English or French, or Italian

ESHARB – scraf, from French ÉCHARPE

GONELLA – skirt, Italian?

GAZMA – shoe, origin unknown

7EZAAM – belt, seemingly from Arabic

JIIBA – skirt, from French JUPE

KASKETTA – cap (head gear) from French CASQUETTE (or Italian?), of the same meaning

KARAVATTA – neck tie, from French CRAVATE

MINI – miniskirt, from French MINI-JUPE or other Western language

NADDAARA – eye glasses, from Arabic NAZhZhAARA of same meaning, from NAZhAR “vision”

NA3L – shoe sole, from Arabic NA3L, meaning “shoe”(?)

OSTEEK – a watch’s wrist band, origin unknown

PANTAKUUR – short pants, from French PANTACOURT

SAA3A – watch, from Arabic SAA3A, same meaning, originally meaning “hour”

SHARAAB – sock, origin unknown

SHORT – shorts, from English SHORTS

SORTETT – head band, from French SURTÊTE, literally meaning “over the head”

TRWAKAAR – short pants, from French TROIS-QUARTS, literally meaning “three quarters”


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Do you have any corrections or additions? What other clothes items would you like to see included? What other word categories would you like to be included?



  1. Gazma is exactly the Turkish word for shoes, this is also the case with the following:

    Shanta= bag from Turkish
    Oda= Room from Turkish
    Foota= Towel from Turkish

    As for sharaab or shoorab it is a very distant modification of the Arabic Gawrab

  2. Thank you Meto 🙂
    If you find more words please drop them here 🙂

  3. Ok, how about Galabeyah – traditional floor-length shirt.

    I like your name, Xeper – Ancient Egyptian for “To Become”or Becoming.



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