Posted by: xeper | October 11, 2008

Open Letter On Meaning

My very dear companion in this trip to self development and wisdom,

You are my friend who has been reading me from around the world, often so silently. Yet you are my partner in this. What I put inside the bottle to throw into the sea from my little island, is but a piece of paper with some ink on it. Only after you read it does it become a message. A real message. Do I write all that you read in my words? What I write only triggers what you really read; what I write goes inside you, awakening things that have been sleeping in your memory, or releasing an idea that has been trapped behind a door inside your mind, making people think my words gave rise to that idea, but I only helped you release it. If I give you the key to a door you still don’t have in the palace of your mind, how would you open it?

Sometimes I would read something I have read often before, and yet understand it for the first time, or understand aspects of it I did not realize before. Other times, I respond to a writer, and they would discover in their own words things they did not realize before I talked with them. And this and that clearly tell me that the words themselves, as written on a page, do not really carry meaning. They are keys to meanings, but not carriers of meanings, except the meanings “open the door for this idea”, “wake up that one”, or “put that one to sleep”.

So how do you read it? How does it reach you? What does it remind you of? What really makes you feel it, it is not my words and feelings that I put in it; but the words you hear and your feelings that respond to what I told you. You are therefore my partner in all that you read from me.




  1. Thank YOU, Xeper. and yes everyone’s culture, history, education, way of thinking or whatever play a role in interpreting what you write to meanings can be understood so that one post can make your readers exploring different thoughts.. It is a magic of sharing 🙂

  2. And a blessing 🙂

    (If you have your own blog or site, could you please share it? Thank you)

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