Posted by: xeper | September 3, 2008

The Price of A Voice – Alone Must it Seek its Destiny


I understood what he was saying, I will have my island one day, similar and close to Alberraao, but not exactly the same. Just like my teenage life didn’t appeal that much to my mother, and neither could she keep me warm and safe forever, nor I could take her to see the world through my eyes, so it will be that one day I will leave Alberraao, and won’t be able neither to stay with Hotep nor to take him with me. It’s natural, he said. Yes, maybe it is. Would we still like each other? Would there be respect between us, joining us in an archipelago of Truth-seekers, if not a continent of Conformity? I hope our islands won’t be too far away.


Haven’t you heard that:

A voice cannot carry

The tongue and lips that gave it wings;

Alone must it seek its Destiny.

And alone and without his nest

Shall the eagle fly.

— from The Prophet

by Gibran Khalil Gibran


Actually I have heard it before, a bit differently, “Didn’t Gibran say ‘aether’ rather than ‘Destiny’?” I asked, and he replied from between clenched teeth: “Yes he did, and do you know what the aether is?” I only knew what the net told me it was, and I confessed. “So you would have asked me about it, and I do not have time to tell you today. Leave me do the translation, then.” And for a moment I remembered the story of Moses with the good man.

Then I focused back on the verse.. “Alone must it seek its Destiny.. Alone and without his nest.. Shall the eagle fly”..


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