Posted by: xeper | August 20, 2008

The Amazing Adventure of a Transient Island Called Alberraao

Transient islands are those little islands that the Nile forms in the middle of its path, then leaves them for an unspecified amount of time to move them around, then he would simply take them back to where they came from. They are so beautiful and promising that poor people go live there and cultivate the rich and fertile Nile’s heart that rose above the water, and not-so-poor people often try to take those islands from them. But you cannot really own a transient island. You see, they’re here today but who knows where they will be tomorrow, they’re not afraid of dissolving back into the River, so how could you subject them to any laws then? They are sort of the “gypsies” of the island world. They wander.. freely..

Anyway, what reminds me transient islands is that a few friends of mine, earlier this year, told me they lived on one of those islands. They didn’t really live there all the time, but it’s where they call home. “Alberraao”, Hotep told me, was its name. And it was good. It was a nice-sounding name, and these islands are usually nameless.. they’d have random names, at best. It takes time to have a real name, as you know. So it was good to have a name for it. I think Hotep is the one who named it. He cares so much about names, and he’s one of two people who would always remind me of the importance of names.

“It’s amazing, when you reflect about it” (he could have simply said “when you think about it”, but Hotep has this way of talking). “I mean, no matter how you study it, it’s just a piece of earth (dirt, basically), wet, with its surface a bit less wet than its inside, for being a bit cooked in the sun. Why did it appear from the heart of the river in the first place? And, more amazingly, it’s wandering: I’ve seen it go with the flow to the North, then against it to the South, and a bit to the East, then to the West. It never merged with the mainland. And it didn’t break into pieces!!”. My favorite philosopher was blabbing nonsense as if it were the most amazing thing in the world. “You don’t get it, do you? The river flow moves the island one dust or mud piece at a time, but it doesn’t just dissolve. It remains together. And the pieces the island lets go, it makes sure it grabs one or more to replace it!! It is alive!! It persists!!! Ok, You know what I think? Why it is staying together? To do something, to fulfill a Reason. A Reason that all its particles need to fulfill. That’s why they came together. A Reason. And that’s why they move together. This common Reason is what we call soul or spirit. This island is alive, I tell you. This island is alive. It’s the only sense I can make why all its parts went together in all those travels and stayed together!”.

I am quite tolerant of my crazy friends, especially the bunch who told me they lived in Alberraao. Well, as long as their craziness remains entertaining. “How did God create you?”, he asked from no where. “From earth,” I answered obligingly as is my habit with those I like and trust when telling me their thoughts. He remained silent, so I added “He created all humans from earth that was (cooked) like pottery. That’s what the Quran teaches, and before it the Bible, and before them Ancient Egyptian wisdom.” He remained silent but I had nothing to add this time. “Breath. You forgot Breath. Soul. God brought the earth and created people by
blowing Soul into the mud.”

I looked at Alberraao. Indeed, why not? It came up from the depths of chaotic waters as one piece, and it moved as one piece, and came back as one piece. It had soul. That mysteriously intangible substance. You couldn’t see it but you could see its effects, its actual manifestation. Amen. Belief beyond matter. Such an amazing race, we are, getting shocked by seeing with our own eyes what we supposedly believed in, the whole of our lives, without seeing! Creation. God giving Soul to an inanimate object, making it out of “nothing”.

“So, it is alive. I won’t argue. So why don’t you call it Hayaa then?”. “It’s not its aliveness that awed me, but its Purpose. Its unique story. How its aliveness makes it move all around, to find something, to do something, that we as humans could barely understand. And we can barely communicate with it. And yet if we could.. aah!.. if only we could.. what story would we hear!”

He seemed to have finished, but after a while he returned from his dreaming.. “I have been watching this island for years now, and I am just starting to realize how amazing its story is.. its secret and sacred mission that God whispered into it with the initial Breath of Life.. its life Purpose.. It’s not its being alive that amazes me, but rather its unique yet incomprehensible purpose is what truly intrigues me.. For the island already taught me that Soul is Purpose, and that every living being has a Purpose, as unique and interrelated to other lives’ Purposes as each being’s Soul is unique and interrelated to all other Souls.. This is why more than seeking a story, I am seeking the secret and silent essence, the Heart, of the Storyteller.. revealing his true story, sometimes in what is said, often in what is not.. I’m listening to the island telling me all its adventures, one at a time.. why it was created.. what it is looking for in all those adventures along the Great River’s banks.. what it faced searching for this secret thing.. what held it strong against dissolving back into the vast shapeless dark depths it came from.. what made it call onto me to come live in it.. what made it call the others.. what made it call you.. I am listening and will tell you what I know already.. but you look tired.. I will leave you to rest now.. let’s continue some other time..”



  1. “Soul is Purpose, and that every living being has a Purpose, as unique and interrelated as each person’s soul is unique and interrelated to all other souls.. This is why more than seeking a story, I am seeking the secret and silent essence..”

    Am really speechless 🙂 I found in this little paragraph the wisdom that many people can spend their whole life and even die without knowing that God created them for a purpose so that they dont find for themselves how to reach the Purpose that God whispered into them with the initial Breath of Life.. its life Purpose as you said.. As Life is crazy so it is very difficult to hear God’s messages to us..
    Ooh, we have alot of work to figure out what we are created for! 😦

    Thank you..

  2. Thank you Raa, you do me great honor with your kind thoughts and words. May God help us know our Purpose, and be the Reason behind people knowing theirs. Amen.

  3. […] But at a certain moment! I found out this can not be the meaning of life! This can not be the purpose of life! And as I believe that everything happens in life has its purpose. I decided to be a Truth Seeker! At this moment, I met my new source of wisdom, my new life coach whom I tried to listen to every word of him but not as a matter of fact! As he taught me: “don’t take anything as a fact! You have to think and search for the truth by yourself every time!”. I will never forget his words about soul purpose: “Soul is Purpose, and that every living being has a Purpose, as unique and interrelated to oth… […]

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