Posted by: xeper | May 4, 2008

The Blind Lady – An Improper Post

The Lady who has lost her eyes,
Looks for them
But the hardest thing to find
Are your eyes;
For how would you look for your eyes
If not with your eyes?

She goes everywhere she’s been,
The Lady who has lost her vision,
Looking for it.
But the hardest thing to find is your vision;
For how can you find your vision,
if not with your vision??

She goes in a room long forgotten
Where people loved her
Respected her
But it’s such a dusty room
And she’s too old, mind you, to cope with old dust.
She doesnt stay long; gone to search elsewhere..
The blind Lady

But what if this was the room??

She goes into a room where she was raped
But she doesn’t see it this way
The dear blind Lady
She thinks he was her husband
And she wishes for kids

She goes into a room where people are jealous
All around her
Their grand father was her grandson
Their father has raped her
Yet they respected her
Then they were jealous
And with her empty eye sockets
She thought this was love

She went into a room where now her so-called own children
Were stripping her naked to sell her clothes
They looked for people around the world
With any money
To f__k her
To f__k her daughters
To f__k her sons handcuffed
To cut and sell her very flesh
Wholesale, to any who would buy
From bloody hands of her so-called children

Bastard children!
Children of rape
By a man who, in her blindness,
She thought her husband.



  1. It’s improper. It’s also honest, my friend. With something like this, it is, however, completely appropriate.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this marvelous piece from the heart.
    You make every heart bleed for the blind lady. Good stuff – keep it going

  4. Thank you Krys and Mary for comments. I am glad the cry was heard.

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  6. Well, Ahmed to be very honest with you, I expected more in this post than what I read… I mean from your enthusiasm talking about it… I thought I’d really read a good passage, an inspiring story or even a deep poem 🙂
    However, I do not see the essence behind this passage…
    If the aim of this post is to break people’s hearts then maybe it serves its purpose… but other than that, I really cannot see any beauty in it.
    I mean I read it twice trying even to feel shocked or offended as you warned us in your message 🙂 but I couldn’t..
    Although I am a person who usually gets easily affected by other people’s pain… but not this time, I do not know why…
    I feel that it’s empty, inducing false pain and fake bitterness…
    Is there something I didn’t see?

  7. Thank you Cleo for your very honest comment, I’m glad you weren’t offended, because this was my biggest concern. That it didn’t match your expectations, though, is perfectly expected in my writing *wink*. If you are looking for a beautiful post I should recommend Schoolgirl Chatter or By the Lakeside.
    However, please don’t ask me about what you couldn’t see.. for Xeper is but a little silent walk in the park of my soul, and since I cannot know what you really see on the walk, I cannot tell you what you couldn’t see, can I?

  8. A walk inside your soul, huh? 🙂

    Well, I have to agree this might be a walk around one of the shady corners of your “soul” but this cannot be really what’s inside your Soul (with capital S).

    The Soul contains beautiful things: ideals, morals, justice, order, pure will…

    What I have seen during this brief walk is rather a massive pile of ugly things… rape… disrespect… jealousy… injustice… chaos… slavery… and vulgarity.

    No Man’s Soul (capital S) contains any of these 🙂

  9. If I get the symbol right here, it’s painful but it’s also true.
    P.S it’s improper and hard, and I’m offended 🙂

  10. I too, am hoping that I am reading the symbolism correctly, and that I know of the Blind Lady to whom you refer. If so, I felt her pain and marveled at how she was.

    Many years ago I wrote this, and again, I hope that we are speaking of the same:

    The living and voices of the dead inseparably entwined.
    The fate that to which all empires must one day succumb.

  11. To Cleo:
    Oh, now I guess I can understand why you saw it as you did at first. A question of approach, interpretation and semantics: (1) Approach, this was not a walk around what should be but what is, and what sadly is; I am sorry I did not share with you the two posts that explain and prepare you to The Lady: Of Propriety and Appropriateness
    and Prologue to The Blind Lady
    They explain the approach and the inner debate I went through before sharing
    (2) interpretation, as this is the horrific reality of the Blind Lady as I see it, not as I wanted it to be or to see it. My eyes refused to see it for so long but they were opened horribly and suddenly to see what is, and this is how they interpreted it. I would like to know how you see the blind lady’s story. It would be interesting to see if you saw it was (or should be described as) a massive pile of beautiful things, not ugly things… of legitimate fair and respectful dealings instead of jealous rape… and disrespect…, if you saw it was a tale of joyful and just Order rather than jealous and unjust Chaos… or if you saw it a tale of just and respectful Freedom that would appropriately be told in stylish verse, rather than a disrespectful tale of slavery… that can only be appropriately told in a way that proper people can only interpret as vulgarity. I rather choose being appropriate to Maat than to human propriety.
    (3) As for semantics, soul and Soul is a long story.. and yet I should ask you if you think souls and Souls cannot be horribly wounded? and revisiting “vulgarity” as a definition now rather than an impression; if in a quiet garden someone shrieked loudly gasping for air when he was strangled, or someone in a royal court messed up the carpet with blood from his cut throat, would you call those messily vulgar?
    Again, thank you for the engaging comments, they trigger strong discussion in my head, and maybe more posts 🙂

  12. Shahi and Stu,
    Thank you for the comments and indeed you got the symbol correct..

    Stu, I marvel at your two lines, real artists are multi-talented, wouldn’t you say? Thank you for sharing 🙂
    (I’ll go check your new photos now)

  13. Although I have a lot to say, I choose to be very brief, commenting on your answers to the question of approach, interpretation and semantics…

    (1) Approach

    Why did you assume that I did not check the two “preparatory” posts? In fact, I did, more than once even, but they contain nothing that helps “understanding” the Blind Lady.

    (2) Interpretation

    After stripping your long and complicated answer from all its “linguistic acrobatics and backward-forward somersaults” I can see only one simple conclusion: you believe you manage to be appropriate to Maat! (Maybe — why not?). But to me that mere statement is paradoxical as it does not reflect any humility at your end.

    (3) Semantics

    Following your example, let us follow your “semantics”:
    1) A human being being killed ==> bad noise
    2) A human being being killed ==> compassion
    Hence, bad noise should produce compassion!
    (Use the same proof for the “royal” murder)

    Well Ahmose, it was actually to my huge surprise to realize that you had to resource to such sophisms (those are not genuine semantics!) to try to support your argument. I would have never thought you could be or even act like a sophist.

    Vulgarity is vulgarity ya Ahmose. Trying to excuse it by saying “there is vulgarity in the world that we have to accept” is not valid: It is actually because there is enough vulgarity out there that no one (with enough vision) can ignore it. So eventually, what you did, you just added more vulgarity, that’s it!

    Finally, regarding exchanging ideas, I guess it is more important to really should wonder: how did I make the things advance with “my beautiful post”? What is the quality of the fruits that “my wonderful tree” produced?

  14. About Maat, I only think I am closer to Maat than to human propriety, not that I am on either of them.
    About lacking humility, I admit that among many other faults of mine. However, I don’t think it is my biggest problem, nor that I am one of the main enemies of Humility on earth. So I am focusing on other issues now. But thanks for the remark, and the very detailed directions full of exact sureness about what’s right and what’s wrong and the exact questions I should be asking myself and inviting me to what is surely correct and away from what you know is surely incorrect, your approach and wording teach a lot about humility 😛

    Anyway, thank you again Cleo for your interesting comments. They liven the discussion and show a lot.

  15. Hey Ahmose… Sorry for the belated reply… It was the end of the spring term and this new and condensed summer term at work… I finally took my vacation two days ago and am free to catch up with what I missed…

    So… Here is what I suggest: before this “discussion” deviates any more than it already has, let us try and get some real and clean closure on what has been said as well as what has been implied in between the lines… What do you think of a face-to-face meeting?? Name the date and time (I can think of the place :)) and give me a call or send a message…

    Till then… take care 🙂

  16. Congrats on the vacation, Cleopatra 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying it. Unlike with you, summer is increasing both my work and studies. So I’d love to meet but I’m afraid it would have to wait a few weeks, esp to have time to play GO or Settlers 😉 .

    But we won’t discuss this then because a few readers have told me they enjoyed following this exchange, so I can’t really turn it offline and let them down, can I?

    Best wishes to you and yours..

  17. It’s great to know that there are people who actually make use of their summer in the time where vacation only signifies sloth, laziness and waste of time 🙂
    So, I wish you lots of success with both your work as well as your studies…

    As for our little exchange, I am afraid I have to insist to finalize it face to face. I know some are enjoying it but, personally, I do not find taste in this kind of shows…
    So what do you say?

  18. Yes, indeed one of the best things blogging gives you is meeting many new wonderful people who make use of their time in ways most people do not.

    Face to face, sure, but if anything new was said I will have to summarize to the wonderful people who, as you correctly said, are counting on us to making use of their summer. You will then prepare the games, but as I said it would have to be after Ramadan.

    Looking forward, Cleopatra.

  19. Very interesting indeed! I like the “symbolism” in the story of the Blind Lady. If I have correctly deciphered it, and I think I have, it then “justly” reveals the “obscene” reality of what happened to the Blind Lady. As to the language used, of course, it is shocking. However, it is neither improper nor inappropriate. At the contrary, it is rather inappropriate to accuse it of being so, and improper to accuse it of being “vulgar”! Holy Books, like the Bible and the Qur’an, as well as other “Holy” books, sometimes use “obscene” language, and frequently call for shocking images and metaphores, to describe realities that are less “tragic” than the reality of what happened to the Blind Lady. Nevertheless, Holy Books, that shape the human conscience, have never been accused of obscenity or vulgarity because of such language or images.

    As to the comments of Cleo, who was trying to win the “battle” at any price (including defamation!) I find them very personal, really, and reveal a high degree of “linguistic acrobatics and backward-forward somersaults”, as “she” unjustly tried to accuse Xeber. For instance, “she” tried to be “formal” in reasoning this way:

    1) A human being being killed ==> bad noise
    2) A human being being killed ==> compassion
    Hence, bad noise should produce compassion!

    This is actually an abracadabra to win the “battle”. Unfortunately for Cleo, this time, the abracadabra did not work! It is logically “acrobatic” and mathematically “backward-forward somersaults”, as she unjustly accused Xeper!! For “her” conclusion to be true, the first statement must be inverted “”backward-forward”; i.e.,

    Bad noise ==> A human being being killed

    This is not what Xeber said! Moreover, the symbol “==>” mathematically means “necessarily implies” and not “may imply” (as Xeber meant). The difference is dramatic, especially when we draw conclusions with the level of confidence Cleo showed in “her” comments.

    To Xeber: Good work, great talent and deep spiritual journey, which, I understand, is not Freudian at all.

    To Cleo: Your comments gave the story another symbolic meaning, and its writer an additional reason to write it the way he did.

  20. Thank you for your readership, thoughts, and full reply 🙂
    I am glad you share my opinion, and am humbled by your encouraging and understanding words.

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