Posted by: xeper | May 3, 2008

Prologue to The Blind Lady

I invite you to join me in a visit to an old Lady, a very old Blind Lady; blinded maybe by age or hopefully by a curable malady. This visit, however, needs a disclaimer: It can be very heavy on the heart, especially for those who will recognize the Lady, know of her past glory and recognize where she is now, what her so-called children did and still do to her. Let’s say it’s a desperate post, and for that, a rather.. “desperate”.. language was used. While a few may call it improper language, I call it appropriate to the story in question.

I hold a deep respect for both freedom of expression and personal sensitivity against some forms of expressions. I therefore found the most appropriate arrangement to fulfill both was first to express the post without censoring the rather desperate language, and second to warn readers in the title of the post.


My dear Old Blind Lady, they will say I was improper talking like this.. they will say I was improper to talk about you like this.. but I love you so much, and I hurt for you so much, and.. Frankly, my beloved dear, I don’t give a damn..


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