Posted by: xeper | April 21, 2008

The Negative Confession


I know the declarations I should make..

O Forty-Two Judges of the Day of Truth

To affirm to each of you, as did my forefathers,

And to hold the forty-two corners of The Land, from where you come, witness that I am pure..

O Wide-of-stride who comes from On:
I have not done evil.

O Flame-grasper who comes from Kheraha:
I have not robbed.

O Long-nosed who comes from Khmun:
I have not coveted.


O Shadow-eater who comes from the cave:
I have not stolen.

O Savage-faced who comes from Rostau:
I have not killed people.

O Lion-Twins who come from heaven:
I have not trimmed the measure.

O Flint-eyed who comes from Khem:
I have not cheated.

O Fiery-one who comes backward:
I have not stolen a god´s property.

O Bone-smasher who comes from Hnes:
I have not told lies.

O Flame-thrower who comes from Memphis:
I have not seized food.

O Cave-dweller who comes from the west:
I have not sulked.

O White-toothed who comes from Lakeland:
I have not slain sacred cattle.

O Entrail-eater who comes from slaughterplace:
I have not extorted.

O Lord of Maat who comes from Maaty:
I have not stolen bread rations.

O Wanderer who comes from Bubastis:
I have not spied.

O Pale-one who comes from On:
I have not prattled.

O Villain who comes from Andjty:
I have contended only for my goods.

O Fiend who comes from slaughterhouse:
I have not committed adultery.

O Examiner who comes from Min´s temple:
I have not defiled myself.

O Chief of the nobles who comes from Imu:
I have not caused fear.

O Wrecker who comes from Huy:
I have not trespassed.

O Disturber who comes from the sanctuary:
I have not been violent.

O Child who comes from the nome of On:
I have not been deaf to Maat.

O Foreteller who comes from Wensi:
I have not quarreled.

O Bast who comes from the shrine:
I have not winked.

O Backward-faced who comes from the pit:
I have not copulated with a boy.

O Flame-footed who comes from the dusk:
I have not been false.

O Dark-one who comes from the dusk:
I have not reviled.

O Peace-bringer who comes from Sais:
I have not been aggressive.

O Many-faced who comes from Djefet:
I have not had a hasty heart.

O Accuser who comes from Utjen:
I have not attacked and reviled a god.

O Horned-one who comes from Siut:
I have not spoken unnecessary words.

O Nefertem who comes from Memphis:
I have not sinned, I have not done wrong.

O Timeless-one who comes from Djedu:
I have not made trouble.

O Willful-one who comes from Tjebu:
I have not [waded] in water.*

O Flowing-one who comes from Nun:
I have not raised my voice.

O Commander of people who comes from his shrine:
I have not cursed a god.

O Benefactor who comes from Huy:
I have not been boastful.

O Nehebkau who comes from the city:
I have not been haughty.

O High-of-head who comes from the cave:
I have not wanted more than I had.

O Captor who comes from the graveyard:
I have not cursed god in my town.


These I should declare in front of you, O Judges of my heart,

And hold The Lands witness to the purity I should confess,

But how could I ??



I wonder if I even could confess

How far unfaithful sons, weak of heart and weak of mind,

Can soil the legacy of pure fathers they betrayed..




  1. The translation of the 42 Declarations used here come mainly from Mirjam Lichtheim’s translation of the Book of Coming Forth By Day (incorrectly called the Book of the Dead) via
    which is linked here in recognition and acknowledgment only since I do not agree with them on various points.

    * I have re-translated “Wading in water” in another post. You will find its link in a comment below.

  2. Thank you for sharing 😀

  3. No problem, Eduardo. And keep up the effort on your blog 🙂

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