Posted by: xeper | April 6, 2008

Of the Reason behind Cycles of Life

You see, for some time now, I have been a keen watcher of various documentaries. I find most documentaries speak about cycles; the life cycles of animals being born, struggling to grow up to give birth then die; cycles of natural phenomena such as the water evaporating to go in the form of clouds to another place to rain and support life elsewhere; the energy cycle from sun to plant to animal to other animal and dissipating into space in the process; and the most wonderful cycle of the seasons and how animals and people adapt to them; even the longer term cycles of the rise and fall of nations and great ideas that change the life course of humankind. Indeed, life, it seems the documentaries I watch concur with what we get through books, what our parents may show us, and our biggest suspicion stays lingering: “We are simply living in circles”, and our eternal question remains unsolved: Why do we live in this complex group of interrelated cycles called “life”?

It seems futile, doesnt it? Going on and on and on.. forever.

But take a car off the road and press fuel, watch the intricate cycles working inside, the rotation of the wheels in the end, and after the initial amazement, you will think the same. “Cool! But futile!”.

But this is only because you only looked at it off the road; and therefore out of its main context: to adance you on the asphalt road as you sit inside it.

It seems all cycles have the same reason; to take forward something that is outside the cycle but related to it.

Work cycles in a business have the same role: advance it on the income road. Supposedly, every year, a business goes through the same cycle. But in reality it is not exactly the same cycle; even in theory, while the business has to repeat everything that defines it, produce again, market again, sell again, pay taxes again, yet shareholders could be happier and happier every year and their wealths might be larger every year, they dont have to be poor again.

And Life cycles just the same: they advance our life on the spiritual road; each cycle gives us a new chance to advance on our spiritual road. While we know new people, lose new people, while we work again, rest again, yet with each time we have the opportunity to reach a new level of savoring the taste of life, and where does taste come from? often from the sauce, not the “food” itself.

And this seems to be why we have cycles and repititions in almost everything; just so that their friction against our sense of ease and idleness gives the chance to move us forward in awareness, consciousness.. spirituality.

Cycles we meet in life are the Wheels of our Vehicle along The Higher Road.


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