Posted by: xeper | April 3, 2008

How I see Becoming..

I think Becoming, or the realization of my own potential, to be my life purpose. This may seem for an instant like circular logic, or redundant statement that could be translated more blatantly as “I should be as good as I should be”. However, its correct translation would be “I will be as good as I can be”.

Being good has a couple of aspects for me:

  1. First, to be an Appropriate Man; doing things that are appropriate to the situation, that are most likely to improve the whole situation for everybody in the long run.
  2. Second, and as a special part of being an appropriate man, to be part of an Appropriate Nation. This entails looking for a model society and realizing it. It is important to notice that an appropriate nation to some people would be inappropriate to others. It is equally important to note that in my case, and since I am not already part of an appropriate nation, I should seek building it.
  3. Third, and yet again as an important aspect of being an appropriate man to situations and to other people, I should be an appropriate man to myself, reflecting and celebrating the people and thoughts I most cherish.

This blog covers the three aspects.

The definition of Appropriateness for me is explained in actionable terms in the sister blog on Strategic Action. It differs between people, and will differ with the same person according to his or her current circumstances, the demands of the situation, and their current goals and needs.


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