Posted by: xeper | March 21, 2008

Xeperic Sun Tzu Inspirations

Last week I had the chance to give one of my best lectures on the subject to date. Given in my favorite School rather than in a business setting, I was able to give a proper philosophical introduction and give examples of how to use Sun Tzu’s “Keys to Strategic Action”, as I like to think of them now, in personal development.

The lecture and feedback were quite a xeperic experience in more than one sense:

  • Oratory skills; which may be referred to in a business setting as Presentation Skills, or Public Speaking Skills; and this is part of Communication Skills, which are one of Gael Lindenfield’s four “Outer Confidence Skills”, which, in addition to four other “Inner Confidence Skills”, make up what he called “Super Confidence” (I guess I got to translate all this into a game). They definitely lack subject matter knowledge to reach proper super confidence in my definition, but he is justified since I have seen that this doesnt decrease many peoples sense of confidence nor inflated sense of self worth.
  • Will. Being mainly a Type 3 Logo (Intelligence) person, I have both a deep interest and a difficult time understanding the issue of Will. Today, I think I am starting to theorize about Will; it comprises at least of Confidence and Courage. Maybe Lindenfield’s definition of Confidence includes my definition of Courage, but for the time being I prefer to explicit Courage as an independent component. I will not explain much now, and instead will hint to what I mean. I do not consider myself a particularly courageous person, yet I have experienced what can be called Courage, by myself maybe but more so by others who are not really aware of what I was thinking about at the time: Flow. Stubbornness flow that has its own logic. Or Focus flow, which one may call obsession; obsession of one thing to be done, loosing track of other things, so appearing courageous in the one thing we are focused on. Or maybe this is itself the definition of courage, I am not sure nor is my focus to work it out now. Another flow that caused what could be perceived as courage was Ignorance or Temporary Ignorance (call it Stupidity if you like) which may be being courageous in a situation simply because we are not really aware of what are its costs. This could be caused also by the focus flow. The result is to feel fear afterwards but (thank God) NOT DURING the event. This could be a two-minute event or a multiple-week struggle. I see nothing that stops it from stretching for decades or as a social or political phenomenon across generations. Anyway, so the lecture was useful as an investigation of Will. After the lecture and for a couple of days I felt and still have this feeling of Will, much better than the period before it.
  • Event organization and dynamics of philosophy-seeking groups.
  • The subject itself. Sun Tzu’s Keys to Strategic Action. I have organized the subject in a new way increasing both the philosophical input and the practical examples. This meant more preparation and less interaction, but the group was different from the usual expressive business types. Some situations do not offer as much feeding on opposition as others.
  • Blogging and information management. For I discovered one of the problems why I couldnt blog here for the past few weeks since my introductory “Xeper, why?”; I think of applied philosophy. I wanted a clear applied part of the blog. Now I think I better have two blogs with strong links between each other. I imagine those who read Xeper would still read the practical guides but maybe not the other way round. We’ll see. But also because the practical guide will have issues with limited or unclear xeperic foundation (software reviews for instance).
  • Self-categorization. My Sun Tzu course (I designed the course and am the first to teach him in Egypt and probably the Middle East) was initially introduced as part of a Strategic Management for NGOs I delivered last year (2007), proving much more desired than the usual Strategic Management course, I began to teach it on its own as part of Political Training for Media Professionals, as an interactive workshop under the name “Strategic Thinking for Media Professionals”. Since Sun Tzu himself would have frowned on teaching “Thinking” rather than “Action”, I started calling my subject Applied Strategic Thinking, and in the lecture last week I introduced the subject as Strategic Action. I think it fits us both, Sun Tzu and I.
  • Family.

I will God willing blog on each of these points in turn.


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